We specialize in executive openings in Biotech & Pharmaceutical, Medical & Healthcare, Engineering, Quality, Automotive, and Alternative Energies.

About Us                   "The best way to succeed in any challenge is to surround yourself with Experts."

Broader Intelligence is a strategic company with an associated group of highly-experienced, like-minded consultants, career guides, job agents and recruiters who share an enthusiasm for people and their professional growth.  You can feel secure knowing that you will work with the most knowledgeable, skilled, and practiced consultants.

We are proud of our firm's knowledge and our ability to "represent a way of doing business that places the client first."

We go after people who are working and promotable.  Our goal is to shorten your Time-to-Fill.   It costs you nothing until we produce results.  Our rate is 25% of first year base salary.  

We'd like to assist with your critical openings.  We have a team of over 150 recruiters tasked to assist with these openings.  We are absolutely relentless in finding successful, promotable candidates for our clients.  We have well over 20,000 connections in this industry.



Our Leaders Specialty
April Biotech & Pharmaceutical Industry &
Job Search Agent
Kristina Medical & Healthcare &
Job Search Agent
Kandice Research &
Background Checks
Dan Executive Assistant &
Lyn Law & Marketing &
Job Search Agent
Chris Job Search Agent &
Samantha Research &
Submittal Expert
Broader Intelligence
Milwaukee, WI
(920) 428-4124
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